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If you are an existing client please sign in to schedule your next appointment.

Our haircut services can be scheduled up to one month in advance and the haircuts may take up to 40 minutes.

Regular bookings are those scheduled with a minimum of 24 hours prior to the desired time of the service.

Regular haircut service price is $40.

Corporate Service packages:

*Hourly Package: $ 100 per hour per hairstylist.

*Per Number of Service Package: $ 40 per one service.

Last minute bookings are those made within  24 hours from the time of the service and are subject to a premium rate as follows:

Regular haircut service: $ 70

Hourly Package: $150

Per Number of Service Package: $ 70

We will accommodate appointments made the same day of the requested service bases on availability.


* Please have your assigned Hair Designer registered with the building security, building management and/or office receptionist with a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your appointment.

* Our Hair Designers will have all credentials needed for building access, however, if there are any additional office and/ or buiding access requirements, please notify us with at least 72 hours prior to your appointment.